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The Cops’ Cop Award program was developed in 1994 by the DPA to honor Dallas’ finest for their outstanding service to the community, both on and off duty. This monthly award is given to officers who have displayed the integrity, skill and talent that make them some of the best law enforcement personnel in the city.

Being named a monthly Cops’ Cop is a true honor because fellow officers, who see firsthand how these men and women in blue truly make a difference in the community, conduct the nomination and selection process. Every year, the twelve monthly winners are recognized at our prestigious Cops’ Cop Banquet, where one is selected as Cops’ Cop for that year.

Cops' Cop Winner April 2023

Congratulations to Senior Corporal Jacob Holmes, #11028, for receiving the April’s Cops’ Cop award. After graduating from the Academy in 2016, Holmes was assigned to South Central Patrol where he had friendly competitions between other rookies which resulted in an increased number of violent crime arrests and guns seized. This productiveness eventually led Holmes to join the South Central Crime Reduction Team and Gang Unit.

SC Holmes truly shined in the Gang Unit and immediately became recognized as an essential part of the team by revitalizing the execution of warrants. Holmes dove head first into the process by training with SWAT in search techniques, firearms at the range, and creating workout plans for other officers in the unit. All of this additional training was on his own time; however, Holmes never ceased in remaining consistent in his basic daily community policing.

Apart from being an incredible asset at work, Holmes is equally proud (if not prouder) of his role as husband and father at home. He coaches his son’s little league team, attends his daughter’s dance recitals, and makes sure to spend quality time with everyone in his household.

Cops' Cop Winner March 2023

Our March’s Cops’ Cop winner is Police Officer Mark Streeter, #8960, a 17-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department. He is currently assigned to the North Central Patrol Division where he has an outstanding reputation for being one of the most productive officers in the department. Numbers don’t lie! Streeter manages to maintain an average of 13 calls every day.

In addition to working patrol, he is also a competent crash report reviewer, a job that requires an enormous amount of attention to detail. Since hiring on, Officer Streeter has 18 commendations and awards for his hard work and dedication to the job.

Officer Streeter continues to be an intelligent, articulate, and reliable team leader at Northeast. He’s someone everyone can go to for questions and assistance and he takes personal pride in mentoring newer officers.

Cops' Cop Winner Feb 2023

Senior Corporal Carlos Guzman, Jr., #7407, is our February Cops’ Cop winner. Guzman has been assigned to the Northeast Division for the last 20 years, and works covert surveillance with the Project Safe Neighborhood Taskforce. He is regarded highly in his unit as an exemplary teammate with consistent discipline, street smarts and overall work ethics.

Senior Corporal Guzman continues to be an integral part of countless operations leading to the arrests of violent criminals. He always impresses with his calm and collected nature which seems to resonate to the rest of his unit, resulting in focused and successful operations. For his vital roles during such investigations, Guzman has been awarded numerous Certificates of Merit, police commendations and several letters of appreciation from the FBI.

Besides his surveillance work with PSN, Guzman is also known for his mechanical skills within the unit. He is repeatedly relied on to update the maintenance reports for covert vehicles at the station and provide “roadside assistance” on the streets. He is a valued team member in uniform and out: he is a devoted husband, a proud Marine father and loving grandfather.


  • 1994 – Finnis H. Smith
  • 1995 – Dennis G. Duesman
  • 1996 – Rector McCollum
  • 1997 – Rick Kirk
  • 1998 – James “J.J.” Kalash
  • 1999 – Debra “Debbie” Easton
  • 2000 – Robert “Scotty” Holt
  • 2001 – Michael “Mike” Marshall
  • 2002 – Kevin Janse
  • 2003 – Julie A. Cassidy
  • 2004 – Lance T. Crawford
  • 2005 – Judy E. Fries
  • 2006 – Roger A. Rudloff
  • 2007 – Robert Hinojo
  • 2008 – Christopher E. Allen
  • 2009 – Michael F. Miller
  • 2010 – Thomas B. Popken
  • 2011 – Peter W. Malik
  • 2012 – Christopher M. Wagner
  • 2013 – Herbert Ebsen
  • 2014 – J. D. Byas
  • 2015 – Vanessa Berry
  • 2016 – Frank “Timbo” Duncan
  • 2017 – Jeff Jacobs
  • 2018 – Meagan Mulvihill
  • 2019 – Brandon Dye
  • 2020 – Steve Shivers
  • 2021 – Mark Bacon


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