The mission of “Spouses Behind the Badge” is dedicated to supporting current and retired Spouses of Dallas Police Officers who are members of the Dallas Police Association through monthly activities, volunteering in the community, and serving as a resource to an officer’s family in the event of a serious injury or line of duty death.

As Police Spouses we experience emotions that other spouses do not, and we have fears that other spouses do not. We deal with shift changes, at times are parenting alone, and often celebrate holidays without our officer. Our spouses must be flexible and adapt to the stressors a police career can put on a family. It’s been said that police wives are the hidden partners of our officers and play a huge part in the success of our department.

We provide support through...

Friendship: The friendships we’ve made within the group are so valuable. What a blessing to find others who understand daily life as an officer’s spouse!

Experience: We are spouses of all ages and all stages with varying degrees of life experience. This allows us to have a place for everyone no matter what season of life you are in. You are not alone!

Volunteerism: We host two big fundraising events a year benefiting the Assist the Officer Foundation. We have a reputation of being hard-working and efficient which gives us the honor of being called to help at various events a year.

Events: We host events throughout the year for our families as well as couples/ spouses only. We strive to host one meeting a month of various types.

We hope you will join us, make new friends, and be encouraged by other spouses living “the life” of a police spouse. If you are interested, please fill out the information below. We look forward to getting to know you!


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