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Jaime Castro


Jaime is a 24 year veteran with the Dallas Police Department and currently is assigned to the CJIS Compliance Unit. He has been a member of the Dallas Police Association since 1999 and has served as the Latino Community Liason since 2014. Jaime was previously assigned to the 3080 Drug Unit in Narcotics. He currently teaches group defense tactics at the Dallas Police Academy. Jaime is serving his second term as Third Vice President and strives to be the best officer to represent the rights of members and keeping members informed.

Michael Mata


Michael is a 24 plus year veteran with the Dallas Police Department and is currently Patrol Sergeant at Northeast Division. He worked previously at the Major Crimes Division, Dallas Police Academy, Southeast, Central, and Northeast Patrol Stations. Michael was elected 3rd Vice President in 2013 and also worked as a DPA Responder for DPA members involved in shootings or any other type of critical incident prior to becoming President. He believes it to be his responsibility, and the responsibility of the Executive Board, to work diligently to protect the rights and the future of DPA members and the officers of the Dallas Police Department.

Frederick Frazier

1st Vice President

Frederick is a 26 year veteran with the Dallas Police Department and a Detective in the Criminal Intelligence Unit assigned to the U.S. Marshal’s Service Task Force. He currently serves as 1st Vice President of the DPA by providing leadership and assistance in labor-related issues for DPA members. Also, Frederick is Chairman of the Dallas Police Officer’s Political Action Committee (PAC) and Chairman of the Assist the Officer Foundation (ATO). As PAC and ATO Chairman, he commits his energy to increasing public awareness of both organizations. Frederick’s message to the community focuses on how the Dallas Police Association and its members symbolize representation for every officer and exemplify officers’ service, commitment and dedication to the safety of citizens.

DeMarcus Turner

2nd Vice President

DeMarcus is an 12 year veteran with the Dallas Police Department and is currently a Police Officer assigned to the Southeast Patrol station. He has worked in several capacities on the department, including patrol, crime analyst and narcotics. DeMarcus has been a member of the Dallas Police Association since joining the department and is committed to the leadership and excellence of the DPA and it’s members as well as all members of the DPD. DeMarcus served as a Director for 3 years, a Sergeant at Arms for 2 years and is proud to now serve as 2nd Vice President.

James Parnell


James is a 31 year veteran with the Dallas Police Department and is an instructor at the Firearms Training Center. He has been a member of the Dallas Police Association since he joined the Department in 1991 and has served the DPA in an official capacity since 1995. James served as the Northeast Substation Representative for six years and then served five years as 3rd Vice President. He was later appointed Legislative Monitor where he was responsible for focusing on the legislative and political agenda of the DPA. James currently serves as Vice Chairman of the DPA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) and was appointed DPA Secretary /Treasurer in 2012.

Board of Directors

  • Central Patrol - Sterling Hollins and Luis Zacarias

  • North Central Patrol - Lequita Garrett and Jason Randolph-Phillips

  • South Central Patrol - Jerry Guardiola and Jeremiah Cytacki

  • Northeast Patrol - Michael Taglienti and Sean Pease

  • Northwest Patrol - Kevin Janse and Steve Shivers
  • Southeast Patrol - Haydee Duran Bowen and Elias Herrera

  • Southwest Patrol - Phillip Elliott and Gracie Hernandez

  • Strategic Deployment - Carrol Clore and Matthew Smith

  • Special Investigations - Omar Figueroa & Ben Smith

  • Headquarters - Phillip Gordon, Patty Belew, Brandon Helms and Justin Bowen

  • Reserve Director - Steve Brody
  • Recording Secretary - E.J. Brown
  • Sergeant at Arms - Major Berry, J.D. Byas, Katie Campbell, John Nash, Joe Meno, Ryan Burchfield, Kevin Campbell, Joe Schutz, and Bobby Taylor

  • Chaplains - Sean Pease and Branson Grisham

  • Latino Community Liason - Jaime Castro
  • Immediate Past President - Ron Pinkston
  • President Emeritus - Monica M. Smith
  • Association Staff - Randy Aguilar, Vicky White and Elizabeth Klusman

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    1412 Griffin Street East
    Dallas, Texas 75215
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